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How to sell abroad?

Clear and systemic process of expanding business by acquiring new foreign clients.

Fono paveikslėlis Fono paveikslėlis Fono paveikslėlis Fono paveikslėlis Fono paveikslėlis Fono paveikslėlis
Fono paveikslėlis Fono paveikslėlis Fono paveikslėlis Fono paveikslėlis Fono paveikslėlis

We have a success story of how the first big order by a foreign company had been confirmed after 3 months. We also have a story of how the entry into two furniture trade chains took a year and year and a half (and now 80% of the production capacity is booked with orders by these two partnerships). Anyway, the amount of time until one can expect to begin sales really depends on the industry and current market situation. On average we aim to begin sales in 6 to 9 months.

Currently we are working with garage doors, metal processing, plastic moulding, outdoor fireplaces, printing, medical devices, plumbing goods, construction works. Sales process is rather universal, therefore, almost any other area is as available for us.

The only moment throughout a whole sales process where we require the participation of a person from your company is meetings (live or online). This is the moment where we sometimes receive technical questions, where technical specifications of the products are discussed, production peculiarities, and thus we need your employee who would well understand the technical section. From the beginning we are learning and trying to get an in-depth understanding, so we are truly competent in managing the first calls, e-mails, and continuing the cooperation after the meeting phase, eventually participating in the meetings on our own. But during the beginning, we require some help in meetings. We handle the commercial side of talk, discuss the cooperation prospects, trade matters, and your employee consults on technical matters. Such principle yields perfect results with our clients; thus we work in this way and increase sales.

Firstly, we discuss your goals, expectations, markets, and clients you are interested in. Then we present our vision, plan, and strategy. Upon approval, we work for a month and send you reports, and after that, we hold a meeting. During the meeting we discuss the feedback from the companies engaged, impressions after meeting foreigners, specific talks made, and the current state of affairs. If you shall believe that we are on the right track, the quality is good and the continuation shall lead to first orders after several months, you could give us the green light for another month. After the second month, we hold a meeting again and negotiate about the third month. And so on. You do not need to make commitments for an entire year or half of it. You will be able to follow the process and terminate the agreement at any moment. Our obligation is to aim for the result as our goal is to establish cooperation with serious partners for years in advance, where by bringing our experience in sales we could increase them and earn the performance fee.

Fono paveikslėlis

Our team

Stanislovas Globis

Stanislovas Globis

Gediminas Murnikovas

Gediminas Murnikovas

Sales director
Teisinga Apsukta

What do we do?

We handle the entire process of acquiring new customers: finding, contacting, organising meetings, fostering relationships, and beginning sales.


It is a vigorous and friendly team full of ideas, seeking and reaching for the best solutions.  “Export Discovery” is an excellent choice. With their help we have expanded internationally and enshrined the stable connections with our foreign partners. We are satisfied with our joint experience and growing exports.

Morenas Jasevičius

Sales Director

A. Jasevičiaus baldai UAB

Jasevičiaus baldai

Business is not that difficult when done by high skilled people and professional team. We are happy to have found Export Discovery team, which has become an integral part of our company.

Vaidas Mureika


Proplastik UAB


We have been working with “Export Discovery” for only 6 months but have already made factual sales in export markets. That is natural since the Export Discovery team communicates well and fulfills its promises.

Algirdas Kuoga


Idomus UAB


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I have been helping the Lithuanian businesses to increase sales in Scandinavian and Western Europe markets and to realise their entire potential since 2011.


Stanislovas Globis

Managing Director