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It is a vigorous and friendly team full of ideas, seeking and reaching for the best solutions.  “Export Discovery” is an excellent choice. With their help we have expanded internationally and enshrined the stable connections with our foreign partners. We are satisfied with our joint experience and growing exports.

Morenas Jasevičius

Sales director

A. Jasevičiaus baldai UAB

Jasevičiaus baldai

Business is not that difficult when done by high skilled people and professional team. We are happy to have found Export Discovery team, which has become an integral part of our company.

Vaidas Mureika


Proplastik UAB


We have been working with “Export Discovery” for only 6 months but have already made factual sales in export markets. That is natural since the Export Discovery team communicates well and fulfills its promises.

Algirdas Kuoga


Idomus UAB


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I have been helping the Lithuanian businesses to increase sales in Scandinavian and Western Europe markets and to realise their entire potential since 2011.


Stanislovas Globis

Managing Director