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Who are we

Export Discovery is a team of professional salespeople, oriented toward helping local companies in attracting new foreign customers. We find the companies in export markets that are potential clients, communicate with them, represent our partner companies, negotiate, sign contracts and work with the incoming orders.


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Currently, we are helping the local businesses in these industries:


Plumbing supplies

Bedroom textiles


Absorbents and filters

Linen textile

Metal products

Men's suits, jackets, trousers

Plastic Products

Band saw blades

Fastening elements (bolts, rivets)

Knitted textile products


LED strips

Cleaning tools

Mounting foam

Hot Tubs

Wooden garden houses

We regard every cooperation with local companies as a partnership where we undertake the responsibility for sales and results. We are guided by these Export Discovery values in our pursuit of long-term, sustainable, and result-yielding relationships:


Everything happening around you and to you solely depends on you. Your results especially.


You may have an insane product for a good price but if you are hard to talk to, your business is doomed. Good and fast communication is a key to success.

Problem solving

Do not create problems. Solve them.


Plan for a day, for a week, for a month.

Extra mile

When you have solved all the problems, completed all tasks, and achieved all expectations, take one more extra step.

Continous improvement

The world is moving at such a pace that if you want to remain a leader, you must never stop learning and investing in yourself.

Our team

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I have been helping the Lithuanian businesses to increase sales in Scandinavian and Western Europe markets and to realise their entire potential since 2011.


Stanislovas Globis

Managing Director